Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group



  1. Members must read and familiarise themselves with the rules of the group and by signing their membership forms, agree to abide by these rules.
  2. The group will not accept renewal of membership from those who consistently behave in a manner contrary to the rules and ethos of the group, or who by their behaviour bring the group into disrepute.
  3. Members who break the rules will not be allowed to take part in training sessions for up to four (4) consecutive weeks, depending upon the severity of the offence.
  4. Because we regard ourselves as a family-friendly group, open to children of a wide age range, we are very aware of the good reputation that we have built up with the Park Authorities and the watching public over the years. We do not allow swearing, spitting or the consumption of alcohol at group training sessions, or smoking within the working area.
  5. Any member who has a dog that they know can be aggressive towards other dogs or people MUST make this known to all members when they join (and new members as they arrive) so that appropriate action can be taken, eg a cage or staking out area away from other dogs and the public, or, if necessary, the dog may have to be muzzled. This is the responsibility of the Safety Officer to enforce.
  6. Any disciplinary problems or complaints must be made in writing and sent to the secretary who will take the matter to the Committee. The person or persons complained about will be notified immediately and asked to respond by letter within fourteen (14) days. The decision of the Committee is final.

The Establishment and the Constitution

  • The club shall consist of a Chair-person, Secretary & Treasurer, 1 Safety Officer, 1 Child Protection Officer, & a minimum of 2 First Aiders The committee will consist of all WNAG members
  • No more than 1 person per family to serve as officers (Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) at any one time
  • All Officers shall serve in an honorary capacity.
  • The management of the group shall be vested in the Committee. All Committee Members and Officers, with the exception of the Chair-Person shall have a vote. The Chair-Person shall have the casting vote.
  • Meetings of the Committee shall be called as often as deemed necessary to transact business. Five members forming a quorum. Should any Officer resign his or her seat, be unable to serve, their seat shall be declared vacant and filled at the next committee meeting. The co-opted member will serve only until the next AGM when they shall offer themselves for election by the membership.
  • Officer’s term of service will be 1 year. Any member vacating office for any reason whatsoever shall be required to hand to the Committee all books and records kept by him or her, by virtue of his or her office. The said books or records to be fully up-to-date and closed.
  • Officers eligible to stand for re-election every year
  • Those members not able to attend the AGM for whatever reason, may now submit a proxy vote.
  • The group's financial year shall be 1 November to 31 October. The AGM shall be held in the November. Fourteen (14) days notice shall be given to each member, the quorum for which is eight (8).
  • The annual subscription shall be payable on 1 April each year. No member whose subscription is unpaid shall be entitled to any of the privileges of membership and if any members fails to pay the annual subscription by 30 June, the Committee shall have the power to erase their name from the list of members. If the Committee subsequently receives a satisfactory explanation, the member may, at the discretion of the Committee and on payment of all arrears, be re-admitted as a member of the group.


  • Any member of the group who shall be considered guilty of animal cruelty/neglect by the Committee and outside agencies, eg Court of Law, RSPCA, shall automatically cease to be a member of the group. If the conduct of any member shall be, in the opinion of the Committee, be injurious to the character or interest of the group, that member shall be called upon to furnish an explanation of his or her actions and, depending on the seriousness of the offence, the Committee shall be empowered to suspend membership or withdraw membership completely.
  • In the case of family membership, only the person who offended shall be subject to discipline. Parents are at all times responsible for the care and behaviour of their children.
  • Should any person prejudice his or her own safety or the safety of any others when in or near the water, that persons membership shall be suspended immediately and they will be asked to leave the group training area (please refer to map of boundary area showing group training area). The suspension will last until the next Committee meeting, when the
  • person(s) concerned may make representation to the Committee in person or in writing, to explain their behaviour. The Safety Officer will have sole discretion concerning matters of safety in and around the water.
  • Members will, at all times, be aware of the aims and objectives of the group and conduct themselves accordingly..
  • Any members selling dogs to countries reputed to be unsuitable with regard to climate and treatment of animals shall cease forthwith to be a member.

Duties of Officers

It shall be the duty of the Honorary Treasurer to:

  1. Receive all monies of the club and pay them without delay into the groups banking account.
  2. Keep an accurate up-to-date record of all receipts and payments.
  3. Present the books and accounts for inspection by the Committee, at any time if called upon to do so.
  4.  Submit at each AGM an account and balance sheet, such account to be duly agreed by the members.
  5.  Review Insurance & select the most appropriate policy for the groups needs

It shall be the duty of the Honorary Secretary to:

  1. Record the minutes of the general and Committee meetings Conduct and keep a record of all correspondence of the group, received and sent.
  2. Keep a correct and current record of all members' names and addresses
  3. Submit to the Treasurer all accounts received by him/her for approval with bills attached when he or she signs the cheque.


  • The property of the group shall be vested in the Committee and in the event of the group ceasing to exist, a General Meeting shall be called to decide on the disposal of any assets.
  • Twenty-one (21) days notice in writing shall be given to each member.
  • No rule of the group shall be repealed or altered except at AGM. Fourteen (14) days notice shall be given in writing to the Honouree Secretary of the intentions to propose any new rule or alteration.

Safety Regulations

  • Safety rules and regulations which are to be followed to ensure the safety of both participants and dogs whilst engaged in the training and competition of dogs involved in WNAG.
  • At each meeting, it will be the responsibility of the Safety Officers or their appointed persons to ensure the following rules and conditions are complied with:
  1. Only members of WNAG may participate in the above activities.
  2. The area set aside for training, both on land and in the water, is to be clearly marked.
  3. Members participating in the water activities must wear the appropriate safety aids that the Safety Officer feels is necessary at the time.
  4. No member or their dogs will swim in the area marked for training, unless under the supervision of an authorised Trainer or Safety Officer.
  5. Should any member or their dog enter the water in any other area which has not been designated for training, they will not be the responsibility of WNAG and therefore will not be insured for themselves or third party purposes.
  6. Members shall be aware of the rules of the venue which is to keep their dogs on a lead at all times and to clean up after their dogs if any fouling occurs.

Published on  November 20th, 2022