Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group


In 1994, some Newfoundland club members living in Wales decided it was time a working group be set up for owners living in the area. Founder members were Hedd & Del Richards, Freda & George Pratt, Steve & Cheryl Morgan and Derrick & Liz Gwynn. The inaugural meeting was held at Hedd and Del's place in Carmarthen and the Welsh Newfoundland Activity Group was born.

The first and main priority was to find somewhere to swim. This proved to be a herculean task, with many teething problems; but finally in Nov 1994 WNAG took to the water at their new home at Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar. At this point only 2 members had wetsuits, and no-one was allowed in the water for more than 10 minutes for fear of hypothermia setting in. Freda often said that they very nearly gained the nickname of "The Brass Monkeys"

The next priority was to obtain a boat. One was soon discovered, but it cost £800.00 and WNAG only had £50.00 - so members set about fund raising, cakes were baked and sold, coffee mornings arranged, sponsored walks were undertaken. Luckily the boat seller was a very patient person - and eventually members managed to raise enough funds and became the proud owners of their first boat and engine.

Over the years, Bryn Bach Park has remained 'home' even though members have come and gone. Freda & George Pratt, who ran the group from its early years, sadly both passed away in 2008, but the group survived and continue to meet every Sunday if at all possible. Between April and September we swim (assuming Welsh weather permits it) and during the colder months we do obedience and carting - the aim is always to have fun with the dogs.

WNAG members also enjoy performing swimming demos to support local charities both at Bryn Bach and at 'away' venues. Where water is not available the dogs show their skills at carting and  thoroughly enjoy all the fuss and attention they get while collecting for the charity of the day.

WNAG also host national carting and water tests on behalf of the Newfoundland and Southern Newfoundland Clubs of Great Britain.

Please see the diary page for further information WNAG's planned events for the coming year.


Published on  January 2nd, 2021